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Bali Experience Adventure Tour - BEAT is managed by balinese and we are focus on Tour Opeartor.it was really happy as your tour guide during your holiday in Bali, because this is the rare, precious opportunity you've been waiting for...

Ultimate paradise in the magical "Island of the Gods." Open your heart to receive the blessings of this spiritual paradise as you rest, relax, refresh, and TOUR ACTIVITY around Bali. The inhabitants of this heavenly island are said to be the most loving and culture on earth. The Balinese culture is pervaded with arts, masks, puppet, dance,As you immerse yourself in this deeply devotional culture.

Visit a different kind of Bali - mystical Bali. In this enchanted island, where civilization lives in total harmony with nature and with the supernatural,Just breathing the air of Bali is enough to expand their minds and open their hearts. Here stunning beauty and In this ancient civilization gods come to live on earth,Once your tour has experienced the transformative powers of Bali.

Every detail taken care of meticulously by our expert tour guide. It has something to do with the Balinese themselves and their warm and welcoming character.



Client Reviews...

Saleem, India

Beatbali delivered one of the most amazing, relaxing, seamless vacation in Bali. In my experience the best tour I have been on. Very good value for money. Everything happened on time, as planned and seemingly without any effort at all.

Absolutely fabulous!! Those are the only words to describe Bagus (our guide) and the service he provided for our group. He is a wealth of knowledge great personality very vibrant, full of information, great company and very competent. He has great attention to detail to make sure that he could provide anything we might need. ...more testimoni

Saleem, India